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What is a sheet?

4 sheet – 60” x 40”

4 sheet is old UK sized bus shelter. There are still a number of these panels available on train stations and selected road side sites, although they are not as prominent as a few years ago. They represent great value for money for an outdoor campaign.


6 sheet – 1800mm x 1200mm
72" x 48"

6 sheet – This is the European sized bus shelter. Over the last few years the old “4 sheet” have been superceded in a number of locations by “6 sheet”. Most of these sites are back illuminated and therefore give 24 hour exposure.

6 sheet

16 sheet – 120" x 80"

16 sheet – mid sized outdoor posters based on 4 x 4 sheet giving a total advertising space of 120 inches high by 80 inches wide. Again, dependent on availability, these will give great value for money.



48 and 96 sheet – the large format roadside billboards, made up of 12 and 24 x 4 sheet posters respectively. For a prominent, visual, striking campaign, this would be a good selection.

48 sheet

48 sheet – 240” x 120”
12 x 4 sheet sections

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