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We send out newsletters each quarter - click here to sign up to receive our newsletters as they are issued.  The newsletters contain some fun information about what we are up to as well as some serious work stuff!

Here's some text from our Autumn 2007 Newsletter...

New member of the team

Meet our new Team member. This is Ozzie and he will be joining Focal Point before the end of October. He was born mid August 2007, and for such a young springer spaniel pup, is already starting to have a positive effect on some of the other members of our important team. His main task will be to reduce stress levels in the office. He comes highly recommended and we are sure he will be able to fulfil his very important task and become a very valuable member of our team. How did his name come about - well, Richard is a life long Chelsea supporter and he says he is named after the late, great Peter Osgood. Denise on the other hand says she was thinking of someone crazy and came up with Ozzy Osbourne. Crazy because that is the nature of a Springer. Whatever, we think its a great name

Whats new?

We pride ourselves on being able to source new opportunities to maximise offerings to our clients. The outdoor and ambient media industry is one of the most rapdily changing in the advertising field. One idea that has recently been ntroduced is the "Kazaru". This is effectivly an ad trailer which is hand pulled by an operator. The unit can be used for just a poster - double sided - or for part poster and part leaflets, which will give it more flexibility. The operator will stop from time to time to interact with passers by. When you book a kazaru, the day is yours to choose how it is used - within reason of course. More details can be given by clicking on the outdoor bar on the web site and scroll down to ad trailer or please call the office.

The other idea is the "Magnacap". This is a fantastic idea developed and manufactured by Tony Misceli. Richard was so impressed with Tony and the idea that he decided to add this to the Focal Point portfolio. The magnacap is an advertising concept positioned next to the nozzle, with the added benefit of a magnetic facility for customers to place their petrol cap. Already a national deal has been tied up with Morrisons and Tony is busy tying deals with other national suppliers.

Free Campaign proposal

We do offer a free campaign proposal, so if you need us to check any suggested opportunities, we will be more than happy to do this for you. Our philosophy is we will work before you long before you pay us. We understand we need to work for you to prove ourselves, and prove we can offer you a solution. With an experienced team I guarantee we will be able to give you some ideas that will help your campaign be the success it needs to be. You can use the FREE CAMPAIGN PROPOSAL link on the home page of our web site.

Sign up to our newsletter

We will be happy to email you regualr updates of our newsletter. Obviously we do not want to overload you with yet more email, so if you do not wish to receive further copies - and I promse they will not be heavy - please let me know and I will take you off the database. You can always sign up via our website - link again on the front page.

This will probably be the last newsletter of 2007 and please let us know if we can be of assistance to you. There are nearly 40 services we can now offer within the outdoor and ambient media industry, as well as some strong partners who may also be able to help you. We hope to speak with you soon

Richard, Sarah, Jane and Denise

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