What is meant by Ambient Media? It is a term banded about within the advertising industry and can easily be construed for jargon. The easiest way to explain it is to think of all the forms of advertising that spring to mind – posters, buses, taxis, TV, press, Radio, etc. Ambient Media can be described as everything but. This is one of the fastest growing areas within the “Out of Home” Advertising arena, and Focal Point are able to offer you an extensive selection of opportunities and almost growing by the month.

You will see below that there are a number of different ambient media available. If you are not sure which method will work best for you please get in touch using the details below OR complete our FREE Campaign proposal.



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Petrol Pump Nozzles. With access to 30 fuel retailing partners, we are able to provide advertising on forecourts through the UK. Whether the requirement is to advertise on the roadside network, supermarket network or motorway network, there is no shortage of opportunities.

  • 92% of UK forecourts have a convenience retailing proposition
  • Forecourt retailing has a 15% market share of the convenience retailing sector
  • The perception of forecourt retailing is changing with the focus on convenience rather than fuel retailing
  • The forecourt product range is changing
  • A higher percentage of consumers visit the forecourt than the post office or chemist
  • The forecourt audience is a captive audience

ATM Machine Advertising is an effective new advertising medium that lets you target consumers on a one-to-one basis, just at the point they’re withdrawing cash to spend it. Cash machines are located in any number of high profile, busy locations nationwide. We ensure that your brand goes where the people go at prime sites throughout the UK. There are four powerful advertising modules to get your message across in a dynamic way to a captive audience, increasing sales and building brand awareness. Backed by substantial research and with successful blue chip campaigns including British Airways, One.Tel and Capital Radio, Advertising on ATM machines is flexible enough to suit your individual campaign requirements or you can choose from a range of off-the-shelf packages.

Glasses and Mats. 40 million branded beermats are produced and distributed every year. In addition, clients can advertise on pint glasses, wine glasses and shot glasses. This allows specific, targeted gender and age-group advertising. Locations include local pubs and up-market wine bars.

Changing Rooms. This is an intimate way to deliver your message to your desired audience is aspirational surroundings. Our partnership with a number of high profile, high street fashion retailers allow brands to engage with consumers aged 15-50 in a non-competitive environment. Effective campaigns range from building brand awareness with a broadcast audience, to a targeted campaign with a specific target audience. True flexibility allows advertisers to plan a national, regional, or line by line campaign.

Food Packaging. We can supply a variety of branded bags and food packaging through a variety of independent food and retail outlets. The core product range includes; sandwich bags, pizza boxes, deli bags, OTC pharmacy bags, CTN bags, chip and kebab wraps, plastic carriers via Vet/Pet shops, CTN's, convenience stores or markets and other retail sectors. This media range is very versatile with flexible targeting. Campaigns can be National, by TV region, by city or postcode. The media can be directed to an ABC1, C2 working audience, in-home family audience, OAP's, new mums or students by means of location and eating/shopping habits.

Exhibition and Sampling. Offering a host of unique exhibition and sampling opportunities with major venue owners, at key locations including motorway service stations, airports, leisure venues, shopping centres and over 1,500 train stations nationwide. From simply handing out leaflets to full blown exhibitions, these sites allow brands and other companies to communicate to high footfalls with excellent dwell times.

Station Branding. Our sponsorship packages allow company's to create a unique presence at their chosen venue, using everything from branded floor graphics and window vinyls, to banner advertising and ambient signage, to generate maximum impact. Sponsorship packages can be booked on a six-month or yearly basis, offering brands a prolonged period of exposure, for a fraction of the cost of more traditional outdoor medias.

Washroom Advertising. Working with the UK’s busiest licensed premises, we can offer unrivalled targeting of the elusive 18-35 year old market, at their chosen social destination.


  • 5000 bars, pubs and clubs - truly national coverage.
  • 17,000 washroom poster panels - targeting male or female - 100% gender accuracy.
  • Unique venue demographic search database - pinpoint your exact target audience.
  • 17 different bar media opportunities.
  • The extent of our coverage allows clients to buy specific audiences whether by demographics or location plus a lot more besides.

Promo Staff. Sometimes the best way of marketing your product or service, is by ensuring enough people are delivering your message. We provide Promotional staff where ever there is a need for the 'warm flesh' approach. The Staff can also wear video screens or jackets to help reinforce the message and can operate either stand alone or en masse. Promotional staff can be used to hand out:

  • Leaflets
  • Product samples
  • Discount vouchers
  • Directions

Areas that can be targeted include:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Concerts
  • Sports Events
  • Bus/Tube/Train Stations
  • Pedestrianised Areas
  • Campus Events


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