The Outdoor Advertising Industry has evolved immensely since the business started in 1987. Even going back to the year 2000, pretty much all outdoor consisted of was posters, buses, taxis and the London Underground. Recently there is rarely a month goes by where some new opportunity does not arise. This means that with our help, clients are now able to create tailored campaigns to target specific audiences, rather than just a generic message. This helps to minimise wastage and maximise response. We pride ourselves in ensuring you get the very best exposure and the highest opportunity to promote your message.

You will see below that there are a number of different outdoor media available. If you are not sure which method will work best for you please get in touch using the details below OR complete our FREE Campaign proposal.



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Train Stations. Rail delivers over 1bn passenger journeys each year; a huge audience that is growing at a rate of 10% per annum (ATOC). The rail audience is affluent and influential with 75% ABC1 and 57% Business Decision Makers. All Train Operating Companies throughout the UK have advertising opportunities. Additional outdoor digital formats are available with Transvision - huge LED screens at termini stations, which in partnership with Sky, delivers up to the minute news and weather. In addition, other advertising opportunities include 4-sheets, 6-sheets, 48-sheets, banners, floor vinyls as well as innovative formats – all built to maximise audience delivery. This allows for experiential marketing at rail stations and the London Underground; including distribution and exhibition space.

Taxi Advertising was once restricted to the capital, but over recent years the London taxi has become the choice for most cities and towns throughout the UK. Whether targeting the consumer or business person, taxis are ideal, they have no fixed route, and across a week, which will typically be 18 hours per day 7 days a week, they will cover a significant part of town centre and surrounding areas. With Taxi Advertising there are various options available:

  • Full wrap where a taxi is totally wrapped in vinyl. This creates a real impact and offer significant opportunities for PR initiatives.
  • Supasides offer a panel the length of both sides of the taxi (see above image). These are the preferred option for a short term campaign period.
  • Tip Up Seats for the duration of the journey, typically between 10 and 20 minutes, the advertiser has direct access to the passenger, via these panels.
  • Branded taxi receipts an additional option, especially appropriate for the business traveller.

Billboard Posters are one of the oldest forms of advertising in the UK and have long been trusted to deliver results for household names. For so long posters were only considered to be affordable by the national companies, Focal Point have introduced the concept as a very affordable form of advertising to both local and regional advertisers. Sites can be selected for directional or awareness campaigns and although 90% of all poster sites are held off in national packs, Focal Point have a high success rate in accessing the panels the clients request. Posters are perfect for building brand awareness or directing customers to your place of business. Minimum campaign periods are 2 weeks, and Focal Point are able to work with you to tailor a highly efficient and effective campaign.

lamp post advert poster effective marketingRoadside & Lamp Post Banners contribute considerably to the commercial and shopping environment of inner city life. All outdoor roadside displays are mounted well above ground level (2.5 - 3 metres); ensuring high visibility which offers advertisers a unique premium advertising opportunity. Handpicked sites are located in and around the entrances, exits and parking area’s of shopping centres, leisure and retail parks. Available to us are:

  • 3000 panels nationwide
  • 136 Shopping centres, leisure and retail parks
  • 85% of our panels are within 500m of the top 50 retailers in the UK with 35% being within 20 metres

Bus Advertising - With bus usage at an all time high and people spending more time out of the home than ever before, it’s not surprising that buses are the most seen medium in town. There is little other advertising in town centres, so buses catch the attention of almost 29 million consumers on the move each week whilst they’re out and about, on the high street and spending money (TGI 2006). Offering unrivalled national coverage and frequency, bus advertising delivers a truly broadcast medium with 90% of UK adults living within five minutes of a bus route. For advertisers looking to make a bold, unmissable statement, buses offer a variety of highly creative large format opportunities. From covering a whole bus to wrapping the sides or rear, buses have fantastic scope for eye-catching design as well as the ability to showcase brand messages to consumers on the move across the UK.

bus shelter advert walking queueing commuting waitingBus Shelters offer outdoor advertising that cannot be switched off - let your ad make an impact.



  • 87% of UK adults see out-of-home advertising every week
  • Everyone sees outdoor advertising, regardless of travelling by car, bus, train or on foot
  • Panels are placed on major arterial routes, many smaller roads & high streets in town
  • 40,000 bus shelter panels nationwide
  • Can effectively reach all audiences
  • Most people make repeat journeys every week
  • Frequent exposures to your ads lead to recognition & remembrance
  • Your audience have your sales message right in front of them

AdVans create maximum impact at minimum cost. The idea is that they act as mobile billboards. The advantage of the Ad van is that we can put your message where you want it, when you want it. By being completely mobile we can place your advertisement in high profile locations where your audience or your competitors operate, such as main routes into towns, busy carriageways, high streets, retail parks and shopping centres. There is no doubt that when faced by a huge 20ft x 10ft advert, people will see it and will read it!

AdBikes are an innovative, mobile, outdoor advertising medium that attracts attention wherever they go. The AdBike riders can be dressed in promotional clothing, hand out samples and/or literature and if requested and briefed can answer questions about the product or service you offer. Some bikes also have an audio system for added impact, lights and lighting for winter and evening work. AdBikes are fantastic for city and town centres and can be used for a variety of events, for example: shop openings, product launches, sporting events, exhibitions, concerts and product sampling.

AdGates offer a perfect opportunity to interact with the highly sought after commuter audience before they hit the concourse clutter and leave the station. A key advantage of AdGates is their ability to build coverage extremely quickly while also delivering a steady high frequency message across the length of the campaign. You can also create a specific and targeted campaign depending on the audience you wish to target. If you are looking to target AB business decision makers then the City Pack delivers this. You will also be able to target the brands towards either a morning or an evening commute depending on the brand. Another important element to consider is the P.O.S. factor. London Termini stations are all key retail environments and AdGates offer the only method of hitting people as they either enter or leave the concourse.

Airport Advertising can be used to target the millions of passengers that have transformed leisure travel in the past twenty years. Many travellers are young affluent professionals with high disposable incomes and leisure budgets, looking for a break from the daily routine.  In addition, over 50 million passenger journeys per year are for the purpose of business. These frequent business flyers with high incomes and hectic lifestyles are the world’s CEOs, MDs and chairmen. Airport and Eurostar journeys provide both place and time for these highflying individuals to shop, eat, relax and work before business resumes. Campaigns can be booked to target the weekend traveller, business traveller or just people going on family holidays.

London Underground & Docklands Light Railway offer an unrivalled combination of engaging formats, a young, dynamic and upmarket audience, as well as time spent on the network, makes the London Underground a unique advertising proposition. Providing a vital link between East London and the business centre of Bank and Canary Wharf, is the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). We provide a range of advertising opportunities across this network designed to reach the thriving local community, as well as travellers to London City airport, the London Arena and ExCel. For advertisers wanting to reach the millions of commuters, shoppers and tourists who regularly use these transport systems, the premium cross-track gallery sites, bespoke creative opportunities, and eye-catching digital screens, offer a wide variety of effective solutions.


Tel: 01256 767 837 - Email: enquiries@focal.co.uk