Tips For Creating A Successful Advertising Campaign

billboard advertising backlit advert roadside london targeted national1. A brand must remain visible:
– Few brands die because they fail to satisfy their customers’ needs. They
die because people forget them.

2. Develop a clear simple website and efficient response mechanisms:
– By the inclusion of bluetooth marketing or SMS short codes, this enables you to turn a standard
campaign into a response campaign

3. Think smartly about how to reach your specialised target audience:
– With over 50 services to offer, Focal Point are well placed to help plan and book targeted campaigns

4. Your message will to a degree dictate your media choice:
– Think about your message and your target audience and then find the media opportunities that can best
serve this message.

5. Drive results by using clever creatives:
– One creative across all media opportunities will not necessarily work. Think about a design to match the

6. Simplify your message if you want to be listened to:
– Simple messages reach the brain quicker

7. Make sure your offer is clear and Incentivise your customers:
– Incentive or offer led campaigns will always generate a greater response. Give your customers a reason
to make contact with you

8. Be consistent with your brand:
– Although a different message can be used to match different media, your brand MUST stay consistent

9. Use media that can help measure results:
– By combining traditional forms of media with innovative solutions, this can help you measure the
success of your campaigns. Be bold. Break the mould, don’t do what you have always done, especially if
it is not giving you the desired response